Apple iPhone 14 launch event 2022: What to expect

Apple iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14 launch event  2022: On Wednesday -September 7

After two years, Apple iPhone is  again ready to launch its iPhone series ‘Far out’ event tonight on Wednesday.  Overall  Excitement is at full height.  CEO Tim Cook will take the stage to announce new series of Apple iPhone models, the Apple watch series 8 and some new and exciting announcements too.

Physical mode event

Apple’s  Far out event is going to be held today because it’s going to be held today after two years in Physical mode. After COVID Pandemic, its first-time-person event is going on today.

Apple is all ready to host the company’s flagship event today. The event is being held in person for selected members of the media but live streaming of Apple’s iPhone series launch event can easily watch on Apple’s website {} and its online platform youtube channel. In 2020, on their launch event, streaming was online for all the viewers globally. On September 7, 2022, the launch of the event will also be going live streaming for viewers across the globe.

Where and How to watch the event today

Today, Apple is all set to launch its Apple iPhone series as part of its Far out event. In the invitation.It  has already mentioned time and platform. So, the event will begin at 10 AM. Pacific time. In India, the time of the event is to watch at 10 PM.  The event is likely to last around two hours.

All users will be able to watch the event on the official site of Apple, the Apple TV app and be watchable on its official online Youtube channel.

What to expect from launching

There is no wonder for guessing, as this event focused on the new smart series of Apple iPhones. The event will be bringing today these models-

Apple-iPhone-14{6.1 inches}

Apple- iPhone- 14 Plus{6.1 inches}

Apple- iPhone- 14 Pro{6.7 inches}

Apple- iPhone- 14 Pro Max{6.7 inches}

 Apple -Watch Series- 8 

Airpods- Pro2

other new announcements could be there too.

Stay tuned!!