5 Gaming industry trends 2022

Gaming Industry
In the technology world today, the Gaming industry is growing fastly. It is one of the best and most innovative sectors. All businesses engaged in the gaming industry legalised gambling activities without limitations. This industry is consist of enterprises employing in operating and providing services to online casinos. By 2025, analysts predict the industry will generate Billions in revenue.
Types of gaming technology 

There are many types of gaming technologies that have been developed for the gaming industry. Here are some of the trends for 2022 this year, explained following: console gaming, pc gaming, cloud gaming, mobile gaming and VR/AR gaming

Console gaming
It is the original form of digital gaming. It is a video game consisting of images and sounds generated by a video game console, displayed on a TV or other audio-video system. In an easy language, console gaming has been made for players who play video games by connecting it to a TV or other display for video and audio. Modification and customization freedom is limited on consoles. Users themselves control it. Due to its paid subscriptions, limited \ zero customization and upgradeability, new gaming on a computer is introduced, called PC gaming.

PC gaming
a gaming computer is also known as a Gaming Personal computer. It is a specialised personal computer which is designed for playing games at a standard level. Newzoo reports that PC gaming is the third-largest category. The game is controlled using PC input devices.PC gaming is booming right now. But, there is much more gaming that is also increasing day by day. Cloud gaming is the new and next-level gaming.

Cloud gaming
It is also known as gaming on-demand or game streaming. This type of gaming is a method of online playing games using a remote and streaming them directly to a user’s device. In cloud gaming, there is no requirement to buy new hardware every year to run the latest games. It is available on a wide range of computing devices, including mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, and digital media players. Cloud gaming requires a high mode of internet connectivity to play any game on any device with a server.

VR/AR gaming
AR and VR have bought a revolution in the gaming world.AR is Augmented Reality & VR stands for Virtual Reality. In recent years, the gaming industry displayed fast growth. Many users have smartphones to spend their maximum number of playing games. Day by day users want to have some new technologies in the digital platform created over the new real-life canvas.VR & AR gaming is the best example of it. Rise of AR & VR games with the availability of the cloud, there is no doubt these are the future of gaming.
VR is known as Virtual Reality. It is a technology used to create a simulated environment.VR allows users to get involved and interact with the 3D world of the artificial world. Its primary component is HMD i.e.Head-mounted display.VR requires a headset device. In a simulated environment, users experienced through their vision, hearing, touch and even smell. It is introduced as a game-changer for the gaming industry.

AR stands for augmented reality. It is a creative & immersive experience that allows users to enjoy a real-world setting. Users can control their presence in the real world. It can be accessed with a smartphone.AR is the part of VR, to enhances the real world by using digitally produced overlays.

Mobile Gaming

This is the most popular form of gaming in the world. These games are designed for mobile devices, such as smartphones, featured phones, pocket PCs, tablets and other kinds of portable media players. It also ranges from basic games like the snake on older Nokia phones to new generation sophisticated like 3D & AR games. Mobile gaming is popular because of its accessibility. Nearly everyone has phone sets, in which they can play any game.