Delight your Mommy with Delicious Calorie-free Cakes on Mother’s Day

Millions of gifts are lying across the markets that are specially curated for mother’s day but what can be better than a cake for sure. Yes, isn’t it? Cakes have been a fancy for all the celebrations and how can we forget it on this special day also. If you are hosting a party for your near ones or just chilling out with the most important woman in your life, then what else can be better than a slice of cake for celebrating the day? There are cakes for every sort of event, from carrot cakes to loaves of bread; everything is ideal for making a Mother’s Day celebration more special. These layered cakes are decorated with loads of beautiful items to make it a showstopper. In this article, we have listed some cakes which will surely make the celebration more special for you.

Zucchini Cake with Chocolate Drip

What about surprising your mom with a chocolate cake but in a different way? If yes, then bake this zucchini cake for her. Yes, you can show her how incredibly you can transform a vegetable into a cake. Chocolate zucchini cake is one of the best cakes for this and will always be loved by health freak mommies. The procedure for making this cake is simple like any other cake, but the only thing is to reduce the measure of flour in the cake. After the cake is baked completely, you can add the chocolate ganache onto the cake. If you are an expert, then go ahead with baking, but if not then you make an online cake delivery from your nearby cake store.

Carrot Cake with a Pint of Cream Cheese

This carrot cake with a drizzle of cream cheese on it is perfect for all of us to be made on this Mother’s Day. Make this cake healthy treat for your mommy by adding a bowl of oats, nuts, and almonds in the cake. These moist cakes are made up of grated carrots with some condensed milk added into it. After baking the carrot cake, add some drizzles of cream cheese on it to make the cake look more scrumptious.

Rhubarb and Almond Upside-Down Cake

This beautiful festive cake is a small crowd pleaser and can be enjoyed alone with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s always wonderful with a cup of tea to eat. You can replace the almonds with ground hazelnuts. For this exotic cake, the rhubarb stalks are sliced into pieces and then arranged in the baking utensil with jam spread on it. Then add the batter and bake the delicious cake. This pink colored upside-down rhubarb cake is one of the best things your mother will ever come across.

No-Bake Cheesecake with Cherries

Traditional cheesecake is pleasant but it’s always tasty and yummy to have a cheesecake loaded with blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. This cake makes a very beautiful decoration and your mom will seriously love it. For making the cheesecake, you will need the crushed graham crackers with some butter in it. Then, add it to the tin and spread it in the bottom of the pan. Later add the mixed cream cheese and whipped cream in it. Freeze this cheesecake and later add jam of cherries onto it.

Coconut Cream Cake

What on earth can be better than this coconut cream cake for your mommy? Because not only is this cake garnished with the huge coconut flakes, but also inside it is present an angel food cake. The white large coconut shreds and angel food cake is one of the best matches made in heaven. Coconut cream cake is fully loaded with heavy cream, coconut extract, and confectioner’s sugar. After the cake is fully baked, then at the end pat the cake with coconut shred onto it and serve it immediately.

Wow, is going to be your mom’s reaction when she will see this delicious cake in front of her. You can choose any of these cakes for this Mother’s Day and bake it yourselves at home. If not, then you can place an order for the delicious cake from Blooms Villa. These cakes are baked by the well-experienced bakers with the rich quality ingredients.

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