Good habits to keep you fit and healthy

Good habits to keep you fit and healthy

Habits are repetitive actions and behaviour you want to repeat to encourage yourself. Good habits are essential to our health. These good habits make your chances of achieving goals very high. It also maintains our lifestyle goals such as eating plan and exercising regularly with increasing quality and longevity of life. Once a good habit adds to our life, we will be able to live with positiveness and hope. So, here are some good habits to keep us healthy and longer life.

Wake up early in the morning

To achieve the goals of our life, we must have good habits in our life.
So, the first and most essential good habit is to ‘ Wake up early in the morning’. It’s a boon for health to wake up in the morning and feel the fresh air and aura around us. It will provide you with more time to get things done. Healthier skin, and fewer dark circles, help you to concentrate more time on breakfast. It will manage your stress and motivate you.
People who find it easier to wake up early in the morning tend to be more productive and proactive. They can easily handle any obstacle with courage and positive thoughts. Early waking minds are also happier than others. It all led to better mental health too.


After waking up early in the morning, we must have a good habit of walking to make our life more progressive and qualitative. Walking for two hours a day can help you reduce or burn calories. It’s the perfect way to get rid of yourself any stress. It can also help to reduce anxiety and depression. It increases your energy level and lowers blood pressure. It boosts self-esteem and self-belief.


Exercise is a physical activity. It maintains physical fitness, overall health and wellness. Exercises add health benefits to your life. It can help to prevent excess weight gain and maintain weight loss. You may feel better about your appearance. You can exercise at the gym as well as inside your home. You need not do intense exercises daily, but consistency is key to fit. It also prevents many health problems like strokes, arthritis, depression, metabolic syndrome and many more. You can take stairs instead of lifts. You can dance to any song, and play any outdoor game with friends and family. Do some aerobic activity, swimming, cycling etc. All these activities will increas4 your energy level and fit the body. A good soul resides in a good and healthy body. So, add exercise to your daily life routine.


Meditation is so powerful. It is a powerful way to relieve stress at the mantle level and help us have a healthy mind. It causes shifts in our awareness. Everyone should aim at least 10 minutes of meditation a day at a minimum. It enhances empathy, attention and concentration. It makes you calm and increases patience and self-awareness within you.


A well-balanced food provides energy, and nutrients for growth, staying strong and healthy. By following healthy eating habits, you can lower the risk of heart disease. It keeps skin, teeth and eyes healthy. Good food boosts your immunity. Healthy food maintains your weight. Food should be enriched with proteins, vitamins, and minerals by adding fruits, vegetables, proper diet to live a long, healthy and happier life.

Drinking water

Drinking water is essential to remain your body hydrated. Every cell of our body requires water to function properly. It increases metabolism early in the morning. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells. Intake of water prevents constipation. It balances the temperature of your body. In general, the water intake in men should be about3.7 litres &2.5 litres a day for women.


According to a study, listening to a piece of happy, soulful & rhythmic music can enhance your creativity. It can produce benefits as you get from meditation. It improves memory functions and increases the rate of healing your mind and soul. Blood flow easily within, whenever you listen to music. Listening to music can heal your stress, and relaxes blood pressure issues. To keep yourself energetic, positive & motivated for a good healthy life, you must involve music in your daily life routine.


Getting good sleep is very important for your health. It is as important as walking, waking early in the morning, meditation, a balanced diet, exercise etc. Adequate sleep helps in balancing hormones. Enough sleep helps your body and brain function. Good sleep is an essential function, that allows your body and mind to recharge by themselves. It improves the positive energy level. So, waking up all relaxed have a positive impact on an individual’s mood and led to a good healthy life.