A Big ‘ Thank You’💐💐..CORONA WORRIERS!!

In this pandemic ,we all are ordered/ requested/ suggested to be inside the house,so that we can safe ourselves from social gatherings and maintain social distancing, but thses worriers helping each and every person without selfishness.These nations helper have been tirelessly working 24*7 only for saving our lives .These worriers should be given applause for the work. James Allen well said-

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks!🙏

A big thank you💐

Teachers & child care worker-

All one are being thankful equally to every worriers. Teachers are one of the most saviour of everyone’s life ever. In this corona time,when schools ,colleges,universities are closed Teachers & child care workers still doing their bit to educate the tiny tots .Also thanx to the technology at our disposal,the education of the young ones is continuing despite Global pandemic.

Grocery workers,packaging ,shipping, delivery workers,food service workers are also our great corona helpers .These people have been tirelessly,without any selfishness ,working 24* 7 for us…we are safe in our home ,only because of all of you,& your incredible work for us!Please accept this ‘ thank you’ on behalf of us to express million thanx to you & your works! Thnqq ” Corona helpers”.💐💐

Very big thank you💐💐🤗🤗


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