Why rent a serviced apartment in Mumbai

The serviced apartment has gained huge popularity in recent times. Expats who travel from different countries demand a more personalized service pattern, even family travellers demand a spacious apartment wherein there are different rooms and a kitchen attached. Serviced apartments are fully furnished with kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, these apartments are loaded with all the amenities which are rented on a long term or short term basis. The tenure of the stay can be anything from a few weeks to a few months or even more. Serviced apartments are an ideal substitute for expensive hotel rooms. Serviced apartments are best for business personnel, corporates, a group of travellers or even a family. Along with the lavish stay, they also enjoy the lifestyle of the local which revolves around the culture and tradition. There has been a sudden spurt in the business travel sector due to the integration of the Indian Economy with the Global economy. Executives and corporates travel from one state to another or even countries for working in different business hubs.
Serviced apartments are more spacious.
Serviced apartments in Mumbai consists of a living room and even bedrooms which makes it more spacious and airy when compared to hotel rooms, hotel rooms are just a room with bathroom attached and an additional small place to relax. Serviced apartments are more comfortable and easy to move. Serviced apartments also have a kitchen so that again is an add-on.
Cost Effectiveness.
Serviced apartments in Mumbai are a perfect alternative for impersonal and expensive hotel rooms, serviced apartments are fully furnished apartments which are charged per apartments whereas hotel rooms are charged on the basis of occupancy. Hotel rooms can cost anywhere from 3k to 10k depending upon the rank and grade of the hotel, whereas serviced apartments are fully loaded apartments with best amenities that cost less than these hotel rooms. Therefore, many expats have shifted from hotel room to serviced apartments.
Hotel like facilities
Serviced apartments in Mumbai provide best facilities which include free wifi, room services, free breakfast and even the latest amenities. Some of the serviced apartments provide the 24*7 butler services which are very rare in case of hotel rooms. Privacy is another huge factor which is provided in a serviced apartment. The apartment is thoroughly owned by you which can be anywhere from 1BHK to a 2BHK apartment or even more. Most of the serviced apartments are located close to the business hubs and corporate sectors which becomes easy for travelling. These apartments provide unparalleled comfort and services which is why professionals are investing in Serviced apartments in Mumbai.

Serviced apartments offer flexibility and services which are incomparable to any other type of accommodation services. These apartments have gained huge importance in recent times due to the above factors.

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