What is shadow? And explain their types

Photographers want this service to form a depth to their photos. E-commerce sites want drop shadow to point out the photos to the purchasers and attract them. Their profit will increase by that. Jewellery shops, magazine companies, fashion houses, production houses etc. go for this service for his or her business growth and betterment.


Clipping path consultants is providing drop shadow service since a few years.


Types of shadow


1Soft Shadow

Soft shadow is slightly different from drop shadow. The length of sentimental shadow is sometimes lesser than the drop shadow. Creating soft shadow is comparatively easy to create.


2Reflection Shadow

Reflection Shadow is also known as mirror effect. It creates associate correct reflection at the bottom of the article.

An object look more solid. For example, if you keep any product in front of the mirror, see the real reflection of that.

Reflection shadow or mirror result service helps to form a pretend reflection of associate object that appearance natural.


3Original Shadow

Removing the background and creating the precise shadow of the merchandise is named original shadow. It is known as natural shadow. You can get the accurate shadow of the object with different background. Drop shadow service is incredibly accepted in today’s digital world.


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