Things to Look For In Your Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Partner

It is known to all that a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation is carried out by a wide network of chosen implementation partners. It is also known that they are the ones one can count on regarding any doubt or difficulty when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics ERP. However, with the wrong choice of partner, a business can suffer undue loss. The following are the things one must make sure of before they choose their implementation partner.


What are the factors you can check before choosing your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner?

  1. Experience: the industry experience of a Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner always contributes to the efficiency of the company. The more they have worked the more skill they have earned. Their experience also builds for themselves a reputation that you can cross-check and make judgments. If you want your service provider to be even more productive and service-specific, then you must look for a service provider from the same industry as that of the concerned company. Thus, experience is an important factor you can cross-check.
  2. Reputation: a company’s reputation is created by the response of its prior clients. Thus, there is the greatest chance that if a Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner has developed a good reputation for efficiency and skill, they are going to prove satisfactory in your case as well. It goes another way around as well. The MS Dynamics implementation partners with no history or background reputation are pretty risky to invest in. Reputation also depends on the customer service of the company in context, and thus, you can be sure of their support team.
  3. Partner competency: Microsoft chooses its partners and defines them based on the level of competency that they certify the respective partners with. Each partner has to prove their efficiency in particular regions which then appear on their competency logo. This indicates the respective specializations and skills of a particular service provider in the selective regions. While choosing a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Partner, one must make sure that they focus on the regions that the concerned business needs to develop on.
  4. Services: it is important to check whether the MS Dynamics partner that you have chosen supports and fits the needs of your company and whether they make it their priority to analyze and thoroughly understand your business because, it is only when they do, that they prove to be effective for your own company. It is also very crucial to make you’re that you get post-implementation support. There is no vagueness about the fact that companies need assistance with customization, integration, training, and adaptation and a good Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner must provide the same.

Following these criteria may not completely eliminate the chance of unsatisfactory service, but it definitely reduces the risk of loss considerably.


When it comes to MS Dynamics, it is really important to choose the right implementation partner. Here is a brief guide, with few criteria, to judge the right implementation partner for the client companies.

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