Taste Of The Season- Cake Recipes To Try In Winter Season

Candy flavor cake

When was the last time you tried a new cake flavor? Well, if you call yourself a sweet lover, then cake might be your favorite dessert. And a real cake lover considers it a duty to keep on trying new cake flavors. So, which cake flavor did you tried last?

You know, with each passing day, there is a new cake flavor in the market because cakes are loved universally, so bakers and cake industries find it necessary to rock the markets with new recipes to allure people to try new cake flavors.

What if I tell you that cake flavors change with change in season? Sounds exciting, right? Well, not kidding or anything, with so much innovation in the field of desserts, You get a whole new batch of flavors of cake with every change in season. And its official winter season, that means you will get different cake recipes to try. Doesn’t that instigate you to look out for winter cakes in Mumbai already?

If you have no idea what cakes are must-haves for this season, don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. Here is a list of cakes you should definitely try this winter season. Get ready to drool over the cake collection curated just for the winter season.

Oh! Before I proceed, let me warn you that this article is for cake lovers and cake lovers only.

Winter Chocolate Cake

Since chocolates are loved by all, Our list surely deserves an opening with a chocolate cake. This chocolate cake is a perfect combination of fluffy and fudgy. The simplest yet the most delicious cake that you can ever find is this chocolate cake. It has a very easy recipe and can be baked at home. We call it winter chocolate cake because it is perfect for a Thanksgiving dessert. Not only that, this cake is ideal for every get together in December month. Chocolate cakes are easily available in the market, so go ahead and order cake online in Mumbai. But if you are baking one at home, don’t forget to finish it with chocolate ganache.

Candy flavor cake

Doesn’t the winter season bring the festive vibes along? It is really fun that candy-inspired treats are flooded in each house around this time of the year. Having said that, what about filling those candies in your cakes? Sounds interesting, right? Well, this season, let your creativity have no bars, and experiment all the amazing cakes and cupcakes ideas that you can try. Talking about imagination, candy-flavored cakes are really impressive, and people really love it. If you are planning to make a candy flavor cake, then candy cane, white chocolate, and cotton candy, raspberry, and peppermint candy are some of the candy-inspired flavored people usually like in their cakes. Trust me; it is a total tried and tested recipe for winters.

Coffee cake

For all the coffee lovers out there, here is a cake ideal just for you.

With the gloomy weather setting in, even an infinite amount of coffee seems less to make it through the day, right? Coffee is actually a need more than it is loved. So, leave no chance to consume coffee in whichever way possible. Yes, I’m talking about inducing coffee in your cakes. Coffee cakes not only help you keep awake, But it also makes for a very delicious snack with evening tea. Bake one yourself at home as in that case, you can vary the amount of coffee as per your requirement. When you want to wake up to something warm and delicious in a winter morning, try to give this coffee a chance.

Chocolate with chili cake

Yes, I mean the real chilies. I know you might be thinking that I have gone crazy or something, but believe me, this recipe is just mind-boggling and a must-have in this chilly winter to warm up your tummy. Thought of doing something adventurous? Now is your chance. Add chopped chilies or even jalapenos to the chocolate cake batter and buttercream to take the baking

game to a whole new level. The sweet and spicy flavor is something that you will surely love.

These were some cake flavors that you should definitely try in the winter of 2019. Go for an online cake delivery if you are not in a mood of baking.


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