Smile Confidently with Invisible Braces!

Smile Confidently with Invisible Braces!

The secret behind a perfect smile is having well-aligned teeth. While many of us want to achieve this dream, the hesitation to get braces and fix the jaw alignment often comes in the way. A lot of people choose against getting braces because of all the hassle associated with them! And that’s exactly where invisible braces can make all the difference! 

Transparent Braces are a convenient and innovative way of correcting the jaw misalignment. It comfortably fixes problems like teeth gaps, over bites, and many other similar issues. Unlike steel braces, clear braces produce results a lot faster. They’re hardly noticeable which makes invisible braces the perfect choice for adults!

So, get your invisible braces and get that confident smile in no time!

Concerned about the treatment costs of invisible braces and the tiring dentist visits? With Smile Invisible Braces, you can leave all these worries behind!

Smileneo offers you the best quality and an affordable price that’s 70% less compared to other teeth-alignment options. The clinic uses innovative and reliable technology to make and fix your Invisible Braces. They’ve a team of leading orthodontists that are committed to give you that confident smile! 

Buy Invisible Braces with Smileneo

Smileneo Invisible Braces are approved by leading orthodontists, who also recommend the transparent braces for fixing one’s teeth alignment. The clinic uses creative assessment methods and 3D intraoral technology for the treatment. So, the patients can rest assured that Smileneo uses only the best methods to complete their treatment with extreme precision. 

Made from non-BPA and latex-free plastic, Smileneo clear braces are extremely comfortable to wear. And what’s best is that patients get personalized treatment plans that cater to their individual dental problems. By the end on approximately 3-6 months, you get that desired smile! 

The treatment is done remotely, during which you only have to visit the office twice! All you’ve to do is take Smileneo’s simple online assessment. After this, your customized Invisible Braces will be prepared by an expert orthodontist for the best price at only AED 6.900! And what’s more – they also offer 0% markup installment plans for your convenience! 

Sign Up for Smileneo Invisible Braces Today!

To start you perfect smile journey, head over to our website and take the free Online Smile Assessment Test. Make to attach 3 pictures of your jaw wherever asked! This will help Smileneo assess if you’re eligible for the transparent braces treatment. 

Once approved, you only need to follow these simple steps: 

  • Visit one of our partner clinics for a dental consultation where the orthodontist will conduct a physical assessment. This will include a 3D intraoral scan and an x-ray of your jaw.
  • Your customized braces that’s made with the best 3D software will be delivered to you with all facilities. 
  • Wear your Smile Invisible Braces daily for 22 hours – relax, they’re invisible and comfortable!
  • Keep in touch with your orthodontist through the Smileneo Mobile App and get ready for your new grin in as little as 3-6 months!

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