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Good quality headphones can enhance the audio experience and produce remarkably realistic sounds for many years. From selecting the most comfortable headphones to finding ways of enhancing their sound quality even more, here’s your guide to choosing the best quality headphones.

Lightweight and Portable

Headphones, as such, are heavier and less portable than earphones. But they give an edge to earphones when it comes to sound quality. Headphones are especially needed when you are traveling and want to avoid noise from the surroundings. If you will be traveling a lot, you should prefer lightweight headphones that are equipped with lightweight foam pads. If you can make a compromise on weight, you can pick another headphone that provides much better sound quality, but is not that portable.

Noise Cancelling headphones

Noise canceling earphones are loved by those who are often surrounded by noise and cannot enjoy their music due the background noise. They can be bulkier depending on their noise cancellation ability. Their speakers are surrounded by good quality leather that seals your ears from the outside noise.

Listen to the sound

The best way to decide whether a headphone is of good quality is by listening to its sound. Listen to your gut and buy the headphone if you love its sound.

Choose the right type

There are many different types of headphones like in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, full-size headphones and, wireless headphones. They all have their pros and cons. While in-ear headphones are compact and light, on earphones promise better sound quality. Full-size headphones or circumaural headphones provide maximum bass but can be heavy.

Enhance their quality with a headphone amplifier

Buying the best quality headphones is not nearly enough if you are a sound lover from the core. By adding a headphone amplifier to your headphones, you can significantly improve sound clarity, detail, and dynamics. Headphone amplifiers are particularly designed to boost the sound in a headphone. They are available in different models suitable for daily music listeners as well as professional headphone models.

Can you add an amp to your headphones?

To know whether headphones set will be compatible with a headphone amplifier or not, you can check their dimensions. Over-ear headphones will benefit the most from adding a headphone amplifier. However, most in-ear headphones will not exhibit much improvement in their sound quality.

Best quality headphones can add a new dimension to your music experience. When buying a headphone, it’s best to find the right balance between your several requirements in a headphone.

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