Lawman Robert Muller denies Trump’s claim about a total exoneration


The reserved or uncommunicative lawman, Robert Mueller has dismissed “total exoneration” claimed by the USA president Donald Trump on Wednesday. He stated this based on the investigation of Russia’s 2016 election conducted by the federal department recently. On the other side, Mueller also warned that Moscow’s action could create a significant threat to American democracy.

Muller’s tow-year Russia investigation has raised many questions against the current US president. It was a rare criminal probe but can lead to significant consequences. However, this is something that can greatly affect people’s opinion and Trump’s future presidency. 

With his one-word statement and halting manner, Robert Mueller has made it clear that he wanted to altogether avoid the partisan fray, the country, and the Congress. He has never given any long statement or appeared on TV interviews to create a democratic impeachment push. He never let Republicans underestimate the credibility of his investigation report. 

However, by Wednesday’s afternoon, Mueller comments grew to a new height when he stated about the Russian election’s possible consequences in the future. He stated he feared about some American campaigns accepting other help. Here the others mean outside help.

Further, Mueller has condemned President Trump’s praise of WikiLeaks. As per the report published some Democratic emails taken by Russia. Mueller said Russians is doing this was Americans sit here. It is expected that they will do the same during the next Presidential election campaign.

The team has spent a considerable amount of time on keeping up the integrity of the investigation report. It will be a message for those who will come against the US. But this also an indication to those of the team who have some significant responsibilities toward their work. It is expected that they don’t let this happen again in the future. 

Trump, on the other side, claimed vindication even though the serious allegations, focused on the political fortunes instead of the country’s broader issues. It seems like the democrats are going through serious, devastating days. Previously they had nothing, and now the Democrats have less than that.

Even though Mueller didn’t say much beyond the lengthy investigation report, however, that didn’t stop Republicans and Democrats from laboring to extract new details.

The GOP allies of Trump tried their best to cast out the former special counsel and his prosecutors. They termed them as politically influenced. They further stated that they did an improper opening of the probe.

On the other side, Democrats demanded to emphasize the findings of the Mueller report and tried to weaken Trump’s reelection prospects. They expected then even though the outcome didn’t lead to impeachment demands, Mueller could spell out questionable actions by President Trump.

Wednesday’s hearing focused on if the US President Trump obstructed justice by trying to have control of Mueller’s investigation. For this, the special counsel has tested a lot of matters, like Trump’s firing of James Comey, FBI Director.

The investigation report submitted by Mueller has documented a trail of connection between Trump’s associates and Russians. It has also raised a question about Trump Tower meeting where Trump’s eldest son expected to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

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