How to respond electronically for an invite to interview

If you receive a telephone call asking you to confirm your interview appointment, try to answer it or return it as soon as possible.

When phoning, consider your tone of voice, thank the recruiter for the interview request and tell him or her you are available at the scheduled time.

If you get a voicemail when returning the callback, consider saying:

“(insert name), thank you for calling to schedule an interview time. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take your call, but I’m available to interview with you on (day) (date) (month) (time), and I look forward to seeing you then”.

It is appropriate to use the Recruiter or Hiring Managers name when you call. Pick a time when you won’t be interrupted or have noise in the background that could be distracting.The way you interact with Recruiters and Hiring Managers is just as important as your skills and qualifications when looking for a job. Before a company has even met you, they are forming an opinion about you as a potential candidate.

The manner in which you handle verbal and written communication is likely to be an integral part of the job. Hence, proper etiquette when responding to and dealing with a company, even from the early stages in the recruitment selection process is paramount.

Consider the opportunity to make a good first impression by being considerate and professional when responding to interview appointments. It is essential to respond to the Hiring Manager to confirm that you will be attending the interview. The reason for this is a) you have received the email and b) yes you will be attending.

Responding can be a little daunting, especial for a candidate that is new in their career. What to say and how to respond can make a world of difference. The next few tips below will help make the response easier.

Email Response:

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