How to go about if you wish to have customized paintings?

Paintings are something which brings life to any room where they are draped. Any room looks incomplete without a beautiful painting. Whenever you enter any place, whether commercial or a home, the kind of painting on the wall speaks a million words. Nowadays, some great artists have come with an option of custom made painting; it offers you the freedom to place a request for any painting on order.

You can customize the painting on demand according to the dimension, size and theme. In this way, you do not have to compromise on anything and you will be absolutely free to put it in the room as per your interiors. You even have the advantage to share your budget with the artist or company you hire to do the job for you.

What is a custom made painting?

An artist can pick a simple picture from a photo and by using an entirely new level of imagery and colors, create, draw or paint a painting from a photo. In this way the artist ensures that your cherished memories are transformed into stunning paintings, all ready to drape your walls.

How to choose the artist or a company?

For a custom made painting, you can either go for an artist directly or choose a reputed company who serve as a stage for various experienced artist to showcase their good work and offer their services. In this way you will be assured that proper and channelized services will be provided.

Always choose the one which offers quality custom art at inexpensive prices. They should be able to deliver the painting on order at the right time.

How the custom made paintings are ordered?

• Painting Medium: The first thing you have to do as a client is choose the art medium, i.e. you choose what kind of painting medium you want, such as: 1) Handmade pencil sketch from photo reference; 2) Handmade oil painting from photo reference; 3) Handmade water color portrait; 4) Charcoal sketch from photo reference; 5) Pencil-charcoal mix sketch; 6) Acrylic.

• Art Size: After this you have to decide the art size, i.e. the size and dimensions of the canvas. You can choose from rectangular and square, and dimensions as per you requirement (considering the wall you wish to drape on).

• Number of subjects: In this now you have to mention the theme and subjects you wish to have in your painting. The artist will paint according to the clues specified by you.

• Upload your photo for reference: You have to upload your photo which has to be crafted or painted on the canvas using the medium you want in. In this there is even an option that a beautiful portrait can be painted from a group picture too.

• Order Online: Lastly, you have to confirm and place your order by using the online facility.

By going in for custom made painting your photo to painting is done without much of hassle. It is the best way to preserve your beautiful memories forever. A custom made painting can even be a great option for gifting.

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