Guide to Popular Nightclubs of Milan

Milan is not just a fashion capital of Italy but also famous for best and largest nightlife in country. City is also known worldwide for its historical and modern sights such as the Duomo, La Scala, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and many more. This wealthy city has everything for everyone, flooded with glamorous people, stylish shopping streets, outstanding restaurants and on-trend nightlife. Milan is also a banking capital of Italy with characteristics of modern city with glorious history. You can easily get a car hire in Milan and online bookings are also available at car4hires. This will make your trip to Milan more comfortable and easy going. Moving on to the clubbing scene of Milan, huge number of nightclubs playing all kind of music ranging from techno, Electronic or hip-hop till wee hours in the morning. Some of the best ones are short-listed below.

The greatest club of Milan Alcatraz is the perfect venue to feel like festival. Fridays are most popular for meeting up friends among locals, tourists and students. You can enjoy drink and dance all night on the beats from Pop to Rock. Visiting Alcatraz is an experience to senses, vibrant atmosphere, large drinks menu, lively music and huge number of youngsters and tourist make it more energetic.

It is the most fashionable and elegant club of Milan located in heart of Parco Sempione. This stunning nightclub is designed by famous designer Roberto Cavalli. It is favourite place of most of the international models to dance all night. Dance hits and hip-hop lightens the atmosphere and adds up to the soul to club.

Located just a throw away from the Duomo Santa Tecla is a small nightclub famous since 50’s. This club is known as a birthplace of Jazz in Milan. IT has managed to maintain its New York Style. It has become an icon for tourists to visit to understand how local people starts their week.

It is the latest addition to Milan’s electrifying nightlife scene. It is an astonishing reconstruction of an old club which dated back to 50’s. It has totally remoulded and renewed into completely new modern nightclub setting highest standards for bar in Milan with unlimited range of cocktails and most unique and outstanding music.

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