Diverse ways how people celebrate Diwali in India

Diverse ways how people celebrate Diwali in India

Diwali is a festival of lights and colors, which is celebrated every year in India with great enthusiasm and happiness. People rejoice Diwali as an occasion, where good wins over evil. Moreover, it is a festive event, which brings peace, calm and prosperity to your homes. In every state of India, people creatively celebrate this festival and gather memorable memories with their family, friends and closed ones. If you are wondering how Diwali is being performed in different ways across the country, have a look at the following points.

Diwali: As a family ritual

In most of the Indian families, Diwali means a celebration of colors and lights on the streets. Moreover, it is not at all an indoor event other than decorating the homes with beautiful lights, candles, and diyas. People mostly wear new dresses, share gifts among their relatives, friends, and colleagues, and join various groups to burn crackers. When you visit Rajasthan on eth Diwali eve, you can enjoy the warm and peaceful glow of lamps on the shops and streets.
The Pink city of India looks stunning on this occasion, and the vibrant colors of lights will surely make you happy to the fullest. People of this city believe in saving electricity, and this is the reason why they prepare beautiful candles and decorative lights to enhance the beauty of their homes, roads, and shops. The dazzling lights attract several tourists every year on Diwali.

Diwali: The end of demons

No doubt, Diwali is a peaceful occasion, and people celebrate it with much love and affection. But, in Goa, people relive the history and put their entire focus on the destruction of the evil powers or demons. They prepare scariest and biggest effigy of the evil monsters and burn them up to feel the power of victory. Moreover, gambling is also a part of Diwali in Goa, which is being played by most of the citizens.
Diwali: The Magic of the fireworks
When it comes to Diwali, people could think nothing other than burning crackers and lightening up the fireworks. You might not know that Varanasi is a great and crazy place for fireworks and firecrackers shows. People illuminate their homes and Ganga ghat with diyas, candles, and earthen lamps. The entire Ganga ghat looks phenomenal when thousands of firecrackers flew in the sky. The ghats are lined with millions of clay lamps, and citizens of this place offer prayer to the Hindu deities.
Diwali: The beginning of Kali Puja celebration
Diwali festival is also considered as the start of the great Indian occasion called Kali Puja, which is most popular in West Bengal. People living in West Bengal celebrate this festival in a vast manner, which often attracts the eyes of devotees. The magnificent idols of the Goddess Kali represent how to win over the negativity, and maintain well-being and peace in your homes. Every nook and corner of this city is lit with beautiful lights and colors, which feels like heaven.

Diwali: It is all about fun and shopping

Diwali is a five-day long event, which brings the entire family together. Starting from shopping to fair visit, people do several things and enjoy their time to the fullest. In Delhi, people often choose to go shopping with their friends and families and brings several gifts and sweets. The streets and lanes at Delhi are decorated with an astonishing array of colors and lights, which allures the eyes of the visitors. The pots and clay candles are the centers of attraction, which one shouldn’t skip buying. Moreover, if you are interested in unusual handicrafts and designs, then Delhi is a great option for you on Diwali.

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