Direct Mail: The Powerful Marketing Tool for your Business

Looking for a convenient way to connect with prospects and customers in this technology- multi-channel, rich environment?

Direct mail is that channel. And as a quaint relic of days gone by, while many of todays marketers may dismiss it and as compared to earlier it’s actually more powerful. Surprised? You won’t be if the factors behind the effectiveness of direct mail are understood.

There are two reasons why in today’s market direct mail is a wise choice. First, so a much bigger opportunity to be noticed is there with the handful that knows how to employ it effectively as fewer companies are using it.

Two entirely different animals are Junk mail and Effective direct mail, and the second reason enters the picture here. Ensuring you put the right message into the right hands is the key to effective direct mail and to do than ever before today’s combination of big data and powerful technology makes Direct marketing easier.

You obviously don’t want Junk mail. With the sender you’re not interested in doing business, or you chuck it into the recycling bin as it’s a product you’d never buy. You’re wasting your money on junk mail if you’re sending the wrong messages to people who have no interest or need.

But you’re engaging in effective direct mail if you’re sending relevant offers and messages to a tightly targeted group of recipients that meets specific criteria. To someone who is likely to be interested in what you have to offer or say you have the opportunity to talk directly.

In other words, promoting a truly irresistible offer and with the most poetic wording, you can develop the most beautiful direct mail package for Mailing and it’s going to fail if you mail it to a crummy list. The single most important element is the list.

Even better, when they’re comfortable you’re doing it in a place where at a time they’re comfortable. Interruptive are the many forms of marketing communications available. For example, when you’re doing something else phone calls always come. But when it comes to reading their mail most people have some sort of routine.

Now, about that tightly targeted group mentioned earlier. A lot of effective direct mail packages have been written by mailing services over the years, but those efforts achieved success due to the brilliant words that were used. Making slight modifications to pinpoint what works best they’ve tested millions of pieces of mail over the years.

For about 20 percent of a direct mail effort’s success those experts will also tell that your offer accounts. So behind the remaining 70 percent what’s the factor? The quality of the list is the reply.

The Mailing list should also be perfect, and it’s crucial to ensure the right fields are merged by whoever is producing the letter or your vendor. You could otherwise, embarrass yourself.

A good list on one type of recipient is focused completely. The more effective it will be the more clearly you obtain a list of those targets and can define your target audience.

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