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Diamonds are the world’s most precious stones. Not only are they a symbol of wealth, style, fashion, taste and style, they are equally a great investment venture/store of value.
Diamonds could be made into virtually any type of jewelry, but something sits differently with diamond rings. They are not only an entity that represent love and affection between two people, but they are pieces that make a bold statement.
The rarity, beauty, and elegance exuded and embedded in diamond rings is enough reason to cop a handful of them and has an extensive variety of diamond rings all awaiting your adornment. However, there are also amazing facts you should know about diamonds:
Facts about diamonds
•Diamonds are indeed forever. Long before we existed, diamonds did and long after we’re gone they will still do. They are virtually billions of years old. That’s as old as time itself. Diamonds are like little pieces that represent the past, present and future and boy, do they never go out of style.
• They are indestructible. Diamonds are the hardest known rocks on planet earth. They are so hard that only diamonds can cut diamonds. Even the word ‘diamond’ is a derivative of the Greek word ‘adamas’, meaning invincible, unbreakable or indestructible.
• They appreciate over time. Let’s say you purchase a diamond ring and you want to sell it some years later. Like landed properties, the value of diamonds increases with time. You can even sell it at a much higher amount than you purchased it.
• Did you know that there is an entire planet of diamonds? This discovery was made known in 2004 by scientists who deciphered that the 55 Cancri e which orbits by a star in the milkyway is made of mostly carbon and one-third of pure diamonds.
• Lucy, a star in the sky, millions of lightyears away is said to be a diamond of infinite carats, well, ten billion trillions of them but who’s counting.
Diamonds are indeed the world’s greatest treasure. To get this slice of heaven for your loved one or even for yourself, head over to where you’ll see tons of diamond rings to choose from. Diamond gold offers diamonds and gold jewelry up to 64% less than the high street prices!

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