Certificate Apostille Attestation in Delhi – A quick yet definitive guide

The reason for your overseas visit might be many – starting from higher education, permanent or temporary residency to work or employment. Or chances are that you might be planning for your business growth. The legalization of documents is a mandatory process to be followed in case you want to go to abroad. Apostille attestation is a term that signifies legalization of certificate and documents. In this quick read, you will get to know about apostille attestation and certificate apostille in Delhi.

Apostille – What is it?
Dictionary meaning for apostille means implication of a French word referring to ‘certification’ while in a formal context, an apostille is a formality of proving the credibility and authenticity of the certificate and document.
When you apostille a certificate, an apostille stamp/ or and an apostille sticker is obtained from the respective authority. It is computer generated with an impeccable identification number and is applied to the back of the certificate and document. This helps in maintaining a record online and allows the authorities to check the authenticity in an easy way. After this application of the stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs, there is no requirement for any added certification from the consulate or embassy.

Meaning of Apostille Attestation
Apostille attestation refers to the way of attesting the needed documents and certificates so that they can be easily accepted in any nation that is a part of the Hague Convention. Certificate apostille is an attestation done at the global level that is legally acceptable in more than 116 nations. Most of the American and European nations accept apostilled documents. In India, a sticker from the Ministry of External Affairs is pasted on the back of the certificate or document followed by a stamp on the sticker in a way that it is partially on the certificate and partially on the sticker.

When does the need for Apostille arise?
Certificate apostille is needed when there is requirement for the eradicating the necessity of document legalization when visiting the foreign nations for any reason, for example, getting work visa or employment visa, pursuing higher studies on student visa, obtaining work or employment visa, carrying out deals for expanding business e.g. exporting or importing products. This is mandatory for the nations that are part of the Hague Convention.

How apostille attestation services can help?
With an increasing number of visiting abroad, the need attestation agencies for certificate apostille in Delhi has increased too. You can easily find out about attestation agencies by simply running an online search. A few minutes is all it takes to find out about the attestation agency providing such services. Be cautious while choosing the attestation agency. They make sure that apostille attestation in Delhi is done timely without any unnecessary hurdle or delay. So, get going and make your foreign travel easy.

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