Blinded by the Light -Roused by the life of writer Sarfraz Manzoor

Blinded by the Light

Javed is a British high schooler of Pakistani plummet experiencing childhood in 1987 England. In the midst of the racial and monetary strife of the occasions, he composes verse as a way to get away from the bigotry of the place where he grew up and the rigidity of his conventional dad. Be that as it may, when a colleague acquaints him with the music of Bruce Springsteen, Javed sees parallels to his common laborers life in the ground-breaking verses. As Javed finds an outlet for his own repressed dreams, he likewise starts to communicate in his own voice.

 Javed Khan is with his closest companion Matt , who just got another bicycle. Javed writes in his diary about how the Russians have been possessing Pakistan, which constrained his family to move to Britain. He and Matt have dreams of going to London together when they are more seasoned. The young men at that point ride the bicycle together. 

Javed composes verses for Matt’s band, just as his very own lyrics as an afterthought. Matt evaluates Javed’s work for being discouraging. Javed communicates his longing to go to Manchester University with the goal that he can leave Luton. 

Javed is set to head out to his college. He says goodbye to Matt and gets a demo CD with new verses that Javed composed. In the wake of bidding farewell to Noor and Shazia, Javed gets ready to drive off with Malik. He begins playing Pakistani music on the radio, however Malik transforms it so they tune in to “Destined To Run” together. As they drive away, Javed sees his more youthful self waving to him.

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