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Uro Gynaecology Has A Multidisciplinary Approach Which Offers You A Joint Consultation With Urologist & Gynaecologist. At Ayaansh Hospital Which Is The Best Urogynecology Clinic in Bangalore , Who Would Evaluate The Condition And Offer The Most Beneficial Urogynecology Treatment in Bangalore For You. It Is Very Important to Determine the Type of Incontinence as The Treatment of Each Type Varies.

Stress Urinary Incontinence Is A Very Distressing Symptom. Urinary Incontinence Basically Means Involuntary Passage of Urine While Sneezing or Coughing or Whenever There Is A Strain of The Abdominal Muscle. Any Weakness of Bladder Supply and A Neurological Problem Can Cause an Unwanted Leak Of Urine. Urinary Incontinence [UI] Is Two Times More Common In Elderly Women Than Men.

Most of The Patients View This as A Part Of Aging And Believe That It Is A Temporary Problem Or They Just Have To Live With It.

  • Gynaecological Examination
  • Urological Examination
  • An Investigation Like Urine Analysis, Blood Sugar for Diabetes, Ultrasonography, Urodynamic Studies, Cystoscopy Will Be Recommended as Per the Requirement

Best Urogynecology Treatment in Bangalore:

At Ayaansh Hospital, we provide latest Urogynecology treatment in Indira nagar under Specialised Surgeons. The treatments are,

Conservative Treatment / Behavioral Techniques Available Are:

  1. Kagel’S Pelvic Exercises
  2. Vaginal Moulds & Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
  3. Biofeedback Therapy
  4. Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)
  5. Bladder Training / Timed Voiding
  6. Medicines
  • Surgical Options Like
    1. Retropubic Bladder Neck Suspension
    2. Transvaginal Tape (Tvt)
    3. Transobturator Tape (TOT)
    4. Periurethral Bulking injections
    5. Artificial Urinary Sphincter
    6. Bottom of Form

What is the Urogynaecology Clinic?

The Urogynaecology Clinic Is A Specialized Clinic That Deals with Problems Of A Lower Part Of The Urinary Tract (Waterworks) And The Genital Tract (Down Below). This Clinic Deals with Problems Like; – Involuntary Loss Of Urine, Such As On Coughing And Sneezing. – Having to Go to Pass Urine Urgently And/Or Frequently. – Difficulty Passing Urine. – Prolapse Of The Vagina Or The Uterus (Womb). – Pain in The Bladder (Waterworks) Or Urethra (The Tube That Takes Urine Outside).

How Should I Prepare For My Clinic Visit?

You Will Need to Complete A Bladder Diary, A History Sheet And A Quality Of Life Questionnaire, Which Will Be Sent To You By Post Before Your Appointment.

1) Frequency Volume Chart (Bladder Diary): This Diary Provides an Idea About the Nature and Amount of The Fluids You Drink, How Often You Pass Urine as Well As The Amount Of Urine You Pass. Completing This Diary Can Be Tedious. Nonetheless, It Is One of The Most Valuable Ways of Assessing How Your Bladder (Waterworks) Works.

This Diary Needs to Be Completed Over 3 Days, Ideally Including Work and Rest Days. Please Mark the Time You Get Out of Bed In The Morning And The Time You Go To Bed In The Evening For Each Day On The Diary.

2) Urogynaecology Sheet: This Is A Questionnaire About Your Hospital Covering Current Problems and Symptoms. Past Medical Problems, Previous Treatment, Including Surgery, Medical Problems in The Family, Your Goals And Expectations. The Questionnaire Is Detailed and Lengthy. However, This Will Ensure A Thorough Assessment Of Your Condition.

This Will Help To Reach An Accurate Diagnosis Of The Problem(S) And Guide The Best Way To Deal With It (Them). Being In The Clinic Can Cause Anxiety Such That Patients Forget Problems Or Get Embarrassed To Raise Them. Completing This Questionnaire At Home Will Help You Focus On Your Problem(S) And Observe It/Them So That You Can Document All Your Problem(S) Beforehand.

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