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Crecer Digibots India EmFleet is basically Transport Management System – a complete Logistics module. As the name itself specifies, it is a complete software solution for Transporters and fleet owners for all industries. The Transport Management system creates a mobile system that connects the Government directly to the safety of the general public.

The Key segments of the framework scope in the Product armada the board are as per the following:

1) Masters: Sales Part Rate Master, Maintenance Schedule Master, Depot Master, Fleet Master, Set Driver Route, Route Master, Transmission Master, Engine Master.

2) Supply Chain Management: Inventory Management, Stock Management, OEM Warranty, Vendor the board.

3) Workshop and Call Center: Call Register, Pending and Completed Calls, SMS seek, KIT Assembly and dismantling, (One to numerous and Many to one) Intra and Inter Fleet parts following, Warranty, Scrap the board.

4) Depot Management: Duty Roster, Budget Management, Overtime scheduler, Contract Management, Charting, Legal, Maintenance the board, Daily Roster.

5) Finance Management: Chart of Accounts, Tax Mappings, Bank/Cash Mapping, Sales/Purchase, Various Ledgers, Bank books,

The Transport Management framework, otherwise called Fleet Management framework, makes a versatile framework that interfaces the Government legitimately to the wellbeing of the overall population coordinated, controlled and checked by the backend office. Thusly, this kind of programming improves Passenger Safety and Road Traffic security, upgrades client administration, computerizes paper forms, helps with administrative consistence, diminishes human blunder, and builds Revenue.

The Transport management system is designed to automate the form workflow end-to-end

The scope of the project is therefore to provide an application that will enable the Base Office to

monitor the fit and unfit fleets,
track revenue generation,
control offensive fleets,
mark history of fleets,
clear cases ASAP,
improve Revenue Generation,and
keep a track of the fleets that ply on the road daily also
in accordance to the contracts signed by the JMC with various contractors for operations of the public transport management system,
These steps effectively improve the overall performance of the JMC City wide. In addition to this, the application will provide the users within the department to enquire about the status of forms based on various criteria and related information through web-based queries.

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