Best Principles of Beautiful Photography

Best Principles of Beautiful Photography
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Different wedding photographers are prone to different sets of mistakes. Yet there are some common pitfalls that are more widely prevalent. In this presentation we will try to identify and discuss those.
Following is a generally recognizable list of the potential hazards encountered in wedding cinematography.
Common oversights of beginners in pre-production:
1. Lack of planning
Money and time available determine the job contours, outline so therefore careful consideration of budgeted time and finances will determine the allocation and distribution of resources. This will ensure smooth operation.
2. Lack of research
Fact finding is an important. Most of the photographer did not research about the photography, mostly beginners are do this kind of mistakes. They start directly capture images but they don’t have an art that how to use camera.
3. Lack of storyboard
This shows each scene and the action contained within for instance how the camera will be set up. Photographer must have a good story ideas then they will be able to create a photo album.
4. Lack of scheduling
Photographer need a time of scheduling for perform the best result from the camera. Time management is very important in this field.
This is one of the important technique to understand in photography, especially for beginners. If you aer not focus properly, its mean you are not a good in photography field. Focus may be easy or difficult depending on your subject.
6. Lighting Effects
Insufficient attention to lighting. To get a good result of photos lightning are one of the issue. Mostly photographer did not have an any idea that which angle are suitable for capturing a best result of photography. So they must have to get the idea about this one.
7. Bad sound recording
This is the last problem which videographers facing while they are making a video. They must have to need idea while they are making a video. Because sometime sound quality effect your performance and your quality work as well.
The above are only a small sample of common oversights that a wedding cinematographer is prone to. As the saying goes ‘experience is the best teacher’. So the wedding photographer will have to serve an apprentice period in the field. He will need to traverse the learning curve several times to grow into a leading professional.
Kashif Dossani and his team have come out through the rigorous training schedules. They have learned about the oversights and pitfalls not only through formal professional schooling but by virtue of years of practical experience.

Dossani and the wedding cinematography
Dossani are the pioneers in the field of wedding cinematography. The list of their satisfied clients is growing and is indeed a testimony to their professional excellence.
The Dossaniplus team led by Kashif Dossani gives minute attention to details. They anticipate and try to foresee what can be the potential hazards in the filming of their assignments. This exacting preventive mechanism helps them to eliminate or at least cut the possible mistakes down to a manageable proportion.
The Dossaniplus team also takes into consideration such factors as Pre wedding coverage, professional pictures, wedding Cinematography, wedding photography, cinematic wedding video. We will briefly elucidate the meaning and significance of each of these topics

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