Beach Break: 4 Reasons Why Going to the Beach Is Healthy for You

Beach Break

The delicate sand, the splashing waves, the line where the sea and the sky meet — all these and more just make everybody want to drive to the nearest or even the farthest beach from their place. Beaches are beautiful spots where people love to spend their special days and even their ordinary times all by themselves or with their dear ones.

Aside from being one of the ideal venues to celebrate special occasions, romantic getaways, and summer vacations, the beach is also a place that is considered helpful and good for one’s health. As you take a break in the beach, you don’t simply enjoy the sceneries and the experience, but you also obtain health advantages aside from its beauty.

What are those boons? Here are 4 of them:


The top reason why people go to the beach is to swim, and that’s also one of the activities that do a lot of good things to your health. It’s not just all about having fun, getting wet and being able to wear your newly bought swimwear because in case you have forgotten, swimming is a sport, and it is definitely a worthwhile way to lose calories.

Swimming is a water sport that exercises you and helps you to remain physically fit. You are able to exercise your muscles and your joints. You whole body works in coordination. Aside from that, even if you have some injuries, this sport is not dangerous, but do make sure that you consult your doctor first before engaging in it.


The sun and the waters are not the only environmental factors in the beach that give health benefits; the sand also does. Yes, you read that right—the sand that you land your feet on.

The limitless and countless grains of sand on the beach are one of the things that differentiate it from swimming pools and other “just rocky” kind of water bodies and swimming areas. Lolling in the sand is fun, but you probably didn’t know that it’s a smart way to exfoliate your skin too.

Exfoliation is essential for the body due to its benefit of removing dead skin cells. Because of that, new skin cells can grow. Besides that, the sand can also aid in clearing acne and allowing pores to breathe well. Your skin becomes softer and smoother! If you have callous or rough soles on your feet, walking on the beach sand can help soften them as well!



Many people love sunny days because they can do what they want and leave the house without the hassle of pouring rain. Together with that, the sun also carries tons of perks for the skin’s well-being!

Sunbathing is a famous activity in the beach. Don’t expect you’re getting whiter if you go to the beach simply because it’s mostly about soaking under the sun – of course, the healthy sunlight on the healthy time periods of the day. The Vitamin D in the sun is vital for nourished teeth, tougher bones and better-functioning immune system, too, aside from its boons for the skin.


When you’re exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally, sleep and food are not the only options to relieve stress and weariness. The atmosphere of the place where you stay also does a lot.

Going to the beach can help lessen stress as you rest and relax in a very calming environment. You are taken away from the busy and crowded city filled with noise and pollution. You are brought to a place where you can ease off and unload your heavy burdens and thoughts. The views offer relaxing vibes together with the refreshing air and sea breeze.

To relax, you don’t have to walk and walk and walk and get tired just like when you’re in the mall. You can just lie down on the sand or on beach benches while looking at the clear blue sky, or sip a coconut drink while you’re staring at the splashing waves of the ocean! The tall palm trees around make the air more rejuvenating as you really feel the coldness hit your delicate skin.

If you’re in a beachside resort, it’s another fun and relaxing thing as you have an option to stay on the pool area while you look far towards the blue ocean waters. You can just move from the beach to the resort and vice versa whenever you want to. It won’t tire you out because you have the best of both water worlds!


The beach is one of the perfect places to make awesome memories with your loved ones as you spend special events and vacations! Not only that, because it can also be a place of health benefits that will make you look and feel good!


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

Nicole Pore

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