5 Misconceptions About Buying A Home in Kalyan

Kalyan is the 9th biggest city in Maharashtra and one of the popular cities of Thane District of the Indian state of Maharashtra in the western part of the country. This city has a rich cultural history is also popular for being a major exit station of Mumbai towards North India and South India. The Kalyan-Dombivali belt has been one of the fastest growing locations in the past few years and strives to improve in both physical and social infrastructures. Real Estate in Kalyan has been growing strongly and steadily. The opportunity of development in this location as a hub for affordable and premium housing has increased exponentially in the last couple of years due to rapid progress in terms of its livability index that is assessed on factors such as health and medical standards, safety, housing options and socio-cultural development. However, there are still multiple misconceptions in the minds of buyers that prevent them from investing in a property in Kalyan city. In this article, we look forward to busting the top 5 myths forever!

Here are a few of the misconceptions that people harbour before buying a home in Kalyan. In this article, all the myths will be successfully busted!

  1. There is no proper commute from Kalyan to connect Mumbai

Being one of the most popular cities of Maharashtra, Kalyan is well connected with the rest of the state via roadways and railways. Homes in Kalyan, however, have the misconception that a commute is a harrowing affair. But, Kalyan-Murbad Road, Agra Road as well as Kalyan-Badlapur Road connects the city well with some of the best parts of the state. The suburban railway station in Kalyan is in close proximity to Khadavli, Vasind and Thane railway station. The proposed plan for the new airport is sure to put Kalyan on a bigger spot. The local connectivity is well established and used by masses each day. The metro project sure promises to reduce the commute time and hassle by a huge margin. Besides, the international airport at Mumbai is just at a one and a half hours driving distance. With so much available for the comfort of travellers, consider this myth busted forever!

  1. There are no job opportunities near Kalyan

Kalyan West is well known as a hub for some of the leading IT companies. The Intelenet IT Park, Wagle Estate, and Sigma IT Park are located in close proximity to Kalyan within 25-30 kilometres radius. It’s an hour-long drive from Kalyan to reach other prime IT zones of Mumbai like International Infotech Park Navi Mumbai, BSEL Technology Park and Vishwaroop IT Park. Airoli is one of the major and upcoming IT hubs, which is an easy commute from residential Kalyan as well as the residential Properties in Thane. Kalyan is well surrounded with good marketplaces to offer a great shopping experience to the residence of Kalyan west. Kalyan has perfect job opportunities and the nonsense about Kalyan being a no-go area is a myth busted forever!

  1. There is nothing for entertainment in Kalyan

Kalyan is an old historical city and has a great culturally rich community. Surrounded by nature’s bounty, Kalyan is a perfect place for business and entertainment. Located near the Mumbai-Agra road, Durgadi fort was the start point of Maratha Navy and an important standpoint in the Indian history. Kalyan is a major junction and was always a bustling town since ancient times. Built by Chatrapati Shivaji, this historical monument is situated near the creek on a small, picturesque hill. Exploring bits and pieces of history that stand testimony to the times of our proud forefathers is just one of the attractions of being a proud Kalyankar. Kumbhalgarh fort is another historical site one can visit and enjoy. Kumbhalghar fort boasts the presence of the second largest wall in the world. Gandhari Nadi is perfect for an evening stroll and a preferred spot for the bikers. Relaxing after a long day, enjoying the calming sunset in the evening breeze is not something every Mumbaikar can be a part of. Authentic Dhaba’s on the outskirts of Kalyan is an experience every homeowner should experience at least once. Entertaining in an outgoing fashion is unlike any other way to chill out. If this doesn’t say myth busted, then we don’t know what does!

  1. Property prices are high in Kalyan than other places

The property prices are skyrocketing in Mumbai and it has become difficult for the buyers to find the perfect property or the home of their dreams with such high rates. However, newly developing places such as Kalyan and Thane, the prices are comparatively lower than the already developed areas. The biggest advantage of buying flats in Kalyan like developing areas is that they provide homes with latest amenities and facilities. Besides, the developing area are perfect for new home buyers because they offer more recreational space, lesser prices, and property value. Kalyan is known to give more than 20 to 30% appreciation in the property value in a year or so time period. In fact, Kalyan is now known as the new Europe of the Mumbai city. Best appreciation at the affordable rates is in itself a myth busted for high priced property gossips!

  1. There are no basic facilities and amenities in Kalyan

Kalyan is still perceived as a faraway place with no major facilities for the basic needs of a human. Although that is not the case. Kalyan is a rapidly developing city and the upcoming hub for new property owners and business builders. Best schools, universities and colleges, hospital chains are all available in Kalyan. Kalyan promises a brighter future and a safer culture for all its property owners. Every facility and amenity known to man is available in its latest version in Kalyan, so the myth about Kalyan having a second grade or no facilities is a load of crap and now that is a myth busted for life!

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