5 Ideal Types of Stone Floors to Use for Your Kitchen

It is not hard to find a trendy flooring option for your kitchen. The ever-changing fashion of architecture and interior decoration will let you explore various options, but don’t be fooled by commercialism! While some trends are effective and practical, few can really turn into a troublesome, high-maintenance choice in the long run. One of the most stylish and long-lasting options, when it comes to your kitchen flooring, is natural stones. Here we have listed 5 of the most useful natural stones that can be used for kitchen flooring:

  1. Limestone: If you want an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, then this is your catch. The stone is perfect, for a rustic or traditional look that you might be trying to achieve for your kitchen. One of the drawbacks of limestone is that it is porous in nature. Thus, while choosing them as flooring material you must go for floor tiles with higher density. It is also important that you don’t skip the application of the protective seal.
  2. Slate: If you want a sharp and elegant finish with a natural and rustic touch, then you must check out the Slate tiles for your floor. The rugged, slightly polished appearance makes is an attractive match with wooden cabinets. Thus, you get long-lasting and visually appealing floor tiles made of natural stones. It also has an advantage in customization as they can be easily cut into sheets.
  3. Granite: Granite has a natural grainy finish that provides for a really classy and appealing appearance. It is also resilient and not prone to damage. So, you can expect a great quality, long-lasting and low-maintenance flooring for your kitchen. You also get a great variety of floor tiles in terms of colors.
  4. Travertine: Travertine makes a popular choice when it comes to kitchen flooring. The reasons are pretty basic and practical: they have great longevity, doesn’t demand a lot of attention or maintenance and they look great. When it comes to natural stones, it is one of the most used flooring materials. If they are properly honed, sealed and filled, they make great floor tiles.
  5. Marble: Marble is one of the most commonly used flooring materials. They are not limited to kitchen flooring only. However, they come in light tones and tend to get stained very easily. With proper care and a little bit of maintenance, they can prove to be exceptionally satisfying. There is nothing new that can be pointed out about their visual appeal; we all know who mesmerizing marble flooring may appear.

Thus, if you are convinced about getting natural stones for your kitchen flooring, these are your ideal matches. You can do a little more research on the specifications and choose your preferred material for floor tiles.


This article points out the various advantages and drawbacks of 5 of the ideal natural stones that can be used for kitchen flooring. It gives a nice idea about their appearance as well as quality as flooring materials.

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