4 Things You Must Share With Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

At present, if you are facing any kind of criminal charges in Nevada, the best thing you can do is hiring the criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense attorney will prepare and present a defense case on your behalf to get you discharge from the charges. However, the most difficult task is protecting your rights which is the major responsibility of a criminal lawyer. However, while hiring criminal lawyer make sure you share these following things with him before he starts preparing your case.

Open About Your criminal history

Surprisingly, this is something most people hide from their defense attorney. Doing so, however, can only create problems for you. Previous convictions can worsen the present offense. Hiding this information from your own attorney can definitely ruin your case, especially, if your attorney is negotiating a plea agreement on your behalf as the terms of the agreement possibly depend on your lack of criminal history.

Open About If There Are Any witnesses

If you are guilty for the offense for which you are charged, or part of the crime in any way, and you know there is a witness that can place you at the scene of the crime, better you should let your attorney know so he can prepare accordingly.

Open About What You Shared With The police

No doubt, you can exercise your right to remain silent while police arrested you and spoke to you. However, in case, you had any conversation with the police you must tell your defense attorney. As anything you say can, and will, be used against you during the case proceeding. Also, it will help your defense attorney to prepare a case in order to save any kind of damage control.

Open About If You Know The Victim And How

If you know anything about the victim that involved in the case, you must tell your attorney everything in detail, from how you know him and how long you have known him. In short, the nature of your relationship with the victim.

Final Thoughts

So if you are seeking criminal defense lawyer in Nevada, make sure you share all these four things with your attorney, before he start proceeding your case. It will help your attorney to prepare and plan your cased with ease and neatly without any loopholes.

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